How to make slow audio using Flite Library

Flite is an open-source library that provides to convert text to speech with some configurations as well like slow speed, high speed, and increase volume as well.

Here is Command


flite "Test file Hello jsgrip, how are you?" flite.mp3

## Run this command in terminal After install library

Above command with generate flite.mp3(you can give any name like rubyonrails.mp3) and play this in the music player.


flite -voice flite_voice/cmu_us_axb.flitevox "Welcome to Ruby on Rails framework" flite.mp3

The above command is generate mp3 with the specific audio voice you can download more voices from


flite --setf duration_stretch=1.5 "Awesome library for convert text to speech" flite.mp3

It’s making slow voice and save as flite.mp3 you can pass params as 1.5, 1, 3, 4, 2 any number


flite -voice flite_voice/cmu_us_axb.flitevox  --setf duration_stretch=1.5 "Jsgrip blogging website" flite.mp3

Example for multiple options passes with flite library